After ten years of music business we are looking forward to new adventures. Thanks for a great time. You’ll find the music of our bands via their various distribution channels.

Musicians, please do not send your demos any longer, we won’t be here to work with them.

Time to take a look at the new album “Bad Harvest” by Perry O’Parson. Purchasable via Bandcamp, where you con choose from digital audio or the CD version. Get a first impression by listening to the song ‘Glove’…

In March we had our “official” 9th anniversary with Waggle-Daggle Records, in fact the label will be 10 by the end of 2012. I feel a strong interest in doing new things, gain more experience in other fields of work, so I decided to close tha label after this decade.

The bands know about it and I can say that they won’t suffer, they know well how to care for themselves adn that’s great. Thanks to all contacts, the supporters, the media, press, radio stations and all bands. I am not gon, right now you’ll find me at me&myfriends Promotion.

Waggle-Daggle music will be available via my channels (Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon etc.) until the end of 2012.

Here is an interview the bands and I made for the 9th anniversary…

Which moments or happening of the past nine years in music business have you kept in mind? (Marcel, Perry O’Parson)

Looking back at the past years, there are two things I consider as highlights during the Waggle-Daggle years. The first period are the early years when my former label mate Maurizio and I were DJ’ing and running a club in the Clubkeller in Frankfurt. We had the chance to present and build up bands in one of the most important places for indie music back in these days; speaking of Frankfurt. The second thing I always enjoyed and still love are the trips and travels I am doing with Waggle-Daggle, the music fairs, exhibitions live tours, radio interviews and all the people I meet during these events.

Speaking of running a label and being a band, what changes do you expect during the next years? A trend to DIY? Or pursuing the professional support by a label? (Marcel, Perry O’Parson)

This question is a classic and has more than just one correct answer. I myself have a thing for the DIY evolution. I started in the field of punk and hardcore where bands always had strong bonds to each other and still do most of their affairs the DIY way. The only trouble the average person has to face with DIY is digging out all the good music themselves instead of getting it preselected. The purpose of a label – in my eyes – is to promote and support a band. In the end this will become the advantage for the listeners as they profit of our way of editorial screening.

Nevertheless bands should use all available channels and platforms for self-marketing. Where the devil is in the detail: marketing doesn’t belong to the main skills of boys and girls just willing to play music.

What has forged the idealism that compels you to want to release albums in a time where nobody wants to buy albums? (Lars, Major Parkinson)

Waggle-Daggle started in times when CDs where still up-to-date and digital audio wasn’t available in supreme quality and network connections weren’t installed in each household. Not to mention how slow these connections were. The CD solved this problem and at the same time bands had products to sell during concerts. During these days I thought of the CD as the medium, nothing more than that. Most of our releases came in quite boring standard jewel cases.

Nowadays we are in times of change and I won’t stick to CDs if it’s obvious that no one wants them. But as long as there are music lovers out there willing to hold a finished product in their hands, I am going to make it happen. The only thing we have to figure out is how many CDs a band really needs, and we notice that it is getting less and less. But in comparison to the early days I came up with a sense for beautiful packagings and started to get rid of the jewel cases. What the bands and I do today is offering digipaks of collectors quality, to make sure it is worth having it.

And speaking of albums as a compilation of more than just 2 single tracks and some fillers, I really love artists knowing how to make a whole interesting records, telling stories from the first to last song.

You’re stranded on a desert island, with a magic MP3 player that will never run out of power + headphones. Sadly, the damn thing only has storage space for 7 songs. Which ones would you choose? (Lars, Major Parkinson)

I have a widely diversified music taste, which makes it hard to decide. What I do with Waggle-Daggle Records or our Sublabel Escapartist Records is just a small piece of the puzzle. Anyway, here we go…

Röyksopp ft. Robyn – „The Girl And The Robot“
(thrills me everytime I listen to it!)

Major Parkinson – „Heart Of Hickory“
(that’s usually when we start dancing on the sofa)

Archive – „Fuck U & Pulse“
(OK, that’s two songs but what else should I think left alone on a desert island?) (here as live version)

Moby – „We Are All Made Of Stars“
(I am a Moby fan since 1995)

Felix Wickman – „Photogenique“
(he’s a friend, I’ll have him with me on that island)

Face No More – „Cuckoo For Caca“
(for the moment I will go insane on that lonely island)

As you can see most of the songs I have chosen are lively and energetic ones. Although I am all into drama and melancholy, I just thought that won’t help much on a desert island. Oh and if you wonder why I didn’t took all Waggle-Daggle artists with me, the reason is found in variety of life. I would need several magic mp3 players to stay alive but todays sunshine and spring weather made me chose lively music.

Did you ever regret starting the label in the nine year history? (Felix Wickman)

I did. I put a lot of heart and emotions in it and whenever these are hurt I feel like I would carry less weight on my shoulder if I didn’t allow me to do it. I think the label gave me the same amount of benefits and positive experiences as it took on the other hand and that is probably a fair deal.

Are Swedish musicians brilliant? (Felix Wickman)

I assume this is a facetious question. Swedish bands have a great advantage when singing in English language because they are used to it and have a better and more native intonation. Facts that make it easier to concquer international markets. And I also think that the circumstances and areal surrounding in Sweden let more young folks come up with a band and serious intents.

However, experience has shown that ever since they rush into the European market, no more than the better bands survive. They are selected in the same way that any other band is filtered: by good or bad, talent or crap. But with a bonus for being Swedes ;)

If you were to be the creative mind and benevolent dictator of a band; what would that outfit sound like? And which people would you like to have in it? (Tobias, KOR)

I was always wondering what kind of band I would play in and what position I would hold myself. After years of struggling with it I know there is just one place for me and that is the front. Too bad I can’t sing at all. My combo would probably be weird, play oldschool Instruments and build up cascades of audio layers, exploding at the climax, leaving shards and clean up the mess with a beautiful melody you can hum along. My band mates would be friends and musicians who are fun to work with. Creative and insane people, trying new things in old costumes.

Under what conditions would you agree to take clean and very enthustiatic rapper Devastatin’ Dave under your wagglin’ dagglin’ wings? :-) (link here: (Tobias, KOR)

Hard to say. I guess as soon as he agrees to run a contest against Mr T – who also did educational music („Treat Your Mother Right“ link here: – in a manner like Vanilla Ice and Mr. Hammer used to battle themselves in the 90s (link here:, taking all three of them on a world tour through educational classes for the hearing impaired.

What’s next for Waggle-Daggle? (John, In-Flight Safety)

Make sure to read the news following a paragraph under this interview and you’ll see what’s coming next. I am looking forward to the new records of Perry O’Parson, Major Parkinson and Felix Wickman. And I also hope there will be a way to see In-Flight Safety over here again. Time will tell.

Besides I just merged with the motivated guys of Dangereux Booking from Freiburg to make our in-house promotional agency me&myfriends Promotion a triumvirat for good work on our bands and external bands music.

What is your dream concert bill? (John, In-Flight Safety)

Oh, this question is even harder to answer than the one with the seven songs I am allowed to bring to a desert island. I have to confess that it changes from year to year and I don’t have something like big all-time favourites for live concerts. I don’t need to see old bands re-unite and play again, cause they’re trying to do what they did years ago and in most cases it won’t work. Anyway, let’s try to find an answer.

I don’t see much festivals, I prefer club concerts. Two weeks ago I missed Anna Ternheim (Sweden) playing in my city, that was sad. A year before I missed Dear Reader (South Africa) because I have been back from vacancies a days after their show. 10 years ago when I had a chance to see Alphaville, I didn’t use it. So let’s throw in these (in their best days) and add some other bands: Aiúa from New Orleans – they are on my sublabel Escapartist Records but I have never seen them live, King Oliver’s Revolver – great combo, too few concerts, Felix Wickman – amazing live band exceeding their own recordings on stage, Archive, Antony & The Johnsons, Leonard Cohen (missed him when he had even more blood in his veins), Muse (never used the chance to see them, now they are too big for a show I would feel comfortable with), Nada Surf, Babylon Circus, The Walkabouts (or are they boring on stage?), Calexico, the early 70s Elton John, A Fine Frenzy, Cloroform (amazing how they really „play“ with each other!), Sensefield (when they still existed), I Am X, your lovely band, Kent (didn’t see them in Sweden – too expensive and large), The Last Shadow Puppies, Micke From Sweden, Nightwish (don’t ask!), Röyksopp, Fever Ray, Stars, These Monsters, Tina Dico, Ween.


Perry O’Parson
Marcel aka Perry O’Parson just finished summer booking and will be on tour for a while during June and July. All tour dates…

26.06.2012 – Landau // Kaffeehaus Akzent
28.06.2012 – München // Arts’n'Boards
29.06.2012 – München // Kyeso
30.06.2012 – Nürnberg // Weinerei
01.07.2012 – Würzburg // Wunschlos Glücklich
02.07.2012 – Bamberg // Live Club
03.07.2012 – Halle // Brohmers
04.07.2012 – Dresden // Veränderbar
05.07.2012 – Leipzig // Rumpelkammer
06.07.2012 – Berlin // Laika
07.07.2012 – Berlin // Cafe Blume
08.07.2012 – Berlin // White Trash
09.07.2012 – Kiel // Subrosa
10.07.2012 – Hamburg // Watergate
11.07.2012 – Hannover // Rocker
13.07.2012 – Meiningen // Kunsthaus
14.07.2012 – Darmstadt // Ponyhof
15.07.2012 – Heidelberg // ActionHouse
16.07.2012 – Reutlingen // Oscars Bar
17.07.2012 – Tübingen // Latour
18.07.2012 – Karlsruhe // Das Fest (Vor-Fest)

18.09.2012 – Mainz // Schon Schön w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)
19.09.2012 – Bern (CH) // ISC w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)
20.09.2012 – Stuttgart // Universum w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)
21.09.2012 – Graz (AT) // Forum w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)
22.09.2012 – Wien (AT) // Stadtsaal w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)
23.09.2012 – Regensburg // Gloria w/ Kristofer Åström (SWE)

Major Parkinson
Major Parkinson is hard at work with the third studio album, which thematically and musically seems to be heading even deeper into the woods than the first two. It’s the first album with our new guitarist Steinar Hjelmbrekke, and it’s the first time we’re recording in our own studio. Our swords are sharpened and our minds are focused, so there’s all reason to expect a juggernaut from Major Parkinson within the coming year.

Felix Wickman
With the successful third tour in Germany (three shows sold out!) and a great show in the Debaser in Malmö, Felix Wickman and band are ending the “Dry Hands” and “Whatever Her Sins” era. Coming next is a period of writing new songs, experimenting and recording new music for an upcoming record.

King Oliver’s Revolver
King Oliver’s Revolver have recently recorded a couple of new songs with string-quartet, promising enough but still pretty rough stuff at this point. Tobias, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has been unfortunate to have a nerve badly pressed in his elbow, which seriously harms his ability to play instruments, the left hand just won’t do the job. A surgery will hopefully help to recover full function and control.

In-Flight Safety
The Canadian combo is in the studio working on new songs to be released later this year. They are putting lots of updates on Facebook, and Youtube, make sure to have a look at their snippets. The record is being mixed by Gus Van Go in New York City, who ist known for his work with The Stills, The Shakes and Low Level Flight. Most of the album is recorded by In-Flight Safety themselves in Halifax.